About us

In 1978 the front of the garage was converted to a store front. The large wood garage doors removed then cut up to make flooring. We borrowed the old record player and placed it in the back of the shop. I remember we had only a few albums Fleetwood Mac was the favourite. We made our own surf wax and sold it in our store. 

Our first print for “the surf shop” is our store with Dads station wagon parked outside. The print features boards on top ready for repair. The came our break through print "Beach party" and yes its still a real family favourite.

For a few years we played with prints, printed on tea towels then a few shirts. We formed a band and wrote some songs. In 1983 after attending a succession of surf comps and camping out at Bells beach we decided to be more serious . The surf scene was also getting bigger and the explosion started. Surfers became businesses and we were no longer drop outs!

What we love is that we are still printing. We didn't catch that overseas wave we stayed at home and hand-pressed. And we love it.